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  2006.01.22  03.22
Oh deer.

At first I thought i was going to have a really crappy night but then silvi told me to come to dairy queen and hang out with her (which i still haven't gotten the concept of going to work when you're not working) but it was fun her and bjorn and mitchel were there and they are my 3 favourite people to work with. Actually I have a huge thing for bjorn but silvi just started dating him and no one knows and now no one will know. Even though awkwardly the other night silvi goes "you and bjorn have so much in common. You should be with him instead" god.
anyway so silvi and i went and bought some movies and then picked up bjorn to watch them with us we ended up watching the notebook i have only seen it once and both of them never it's a bad movie i just realised that. So i took silvi home then was on my way taking bjorn home this is 3 AM and i'm going down a hill and all of a sudden there was a nother car there were no cars around before and he starts flashing his lights at me and i'm like "What an idiot why is he flashing his lights??" and then i look in front of me and there are two deer one at each headlight and i had to slam on the brake. IT was sooo scary i was so afraid that i hit one because of the anti lock brake pulsing but luckily i saw them both run off i swear i swallowed my heart it was beating inside my stomach.
That car must have been an angel, without it i would have not been paying attention especially for deer.. at 3 am in the morning in the city.

Mood: shocked

  2006.01.15  15.46
some things

Mood: complacent

  2006.01.15  02.11

wow it's been awhile.
I guess I haven't missed much.
1 week until I graduate for good. I'm counting down the days.
My best friend just moved she only moved from west salem to
lancaster but she used to live right across the street appx. 5 feet away.
and I saw her everday. I don't know what to do I'm really sad. I'm afraid that we won't see each other as much and then eventually we will stop hanging out.

On another note, I took down my paintings at the sip today. I'm still upset that someone stole my painting of shane right off the wall. That hurts. It was my newest painting to I had just finished it before I hung it. I hadn't even photographed it for my portfolio yet. People need to learn more respect.

I need to stop doing the things I do.

I hung out with Amber tonight first time in 6 months most likely. We drove down buena vista road for a long time at night I liked that.
Are we the only ones who like to take rides in the country at night?

Mood: depressed

  2005.10.27  15.58

okay so now I work 2 jobs and I'm trying to finish school by January it's a hassle but it will be done.
So I have no silly time for this plus I don't even get on the internet anymore. So see you whenever I have .. time..

Mood: busy

  2005.09.26  20.57

Today was really awesome
I felt miserable at school all day
but after school
my cousin surprised me and took me out to dinner and shopping
and such i haven't seen her for a long time.
then my neighbor came over and we hung out for a really long time
we haven't done something like that together since like 6th or 7th grade
it was nice.
Hilary called me from college.
I'm going to miss her so much.. she's all the way in eugene
and i'm moving to portland soon.
She's been a friend for 5 years.
a friend like no other.
All my friends left it's awkward.
I get to go see lion king on broadway this weekend
I guess i'm kind of excited.
I spent all weekend watching lifetime movies
haha that was awesome.

AP ENGLISH IS SO FRUSTRATING. I go put in it after 3 weeks of school have already gone by and now i have to read 18 chapters of a book by like wednesday i will never be caught up.

Mood: loved

  2005.09.22  10.22

I still feel sick
getting worse.
no fun.

I'm missing classes that
i just got switched into and haven't
even gone to yet
like philosophies of the world boo.
and AP english.
atleast i have divelbiss
but still
catching up is going to be hard.

Mood: sick

  2005.09.19  19.03

Thankyou Mrs. Kottick (sp?)
and Tracy Sparling I think.. it was you.

on another note...
My prize from "cosmo girl" came today.
50 bucks worth of designer make up.
It was pretty exciting.

but the bad thing... i have a puss
pocket in my throat.
How gross is that?


  2005.09.14  21.12

aww she's so sweet!

Claire (9:11:43 PM): humm, well I should go finish some homework, tell me when your closer to moving and I'll keep an eye out for you


  2005.09.11  13.42

Things have been really weird lately. I only have like 5 classes and only 2 that count as grades and i'm still overwhelemed.
The other day I had a C.A.T. scan and
the film came up with a grey smudge
and they didn't know if it was in my brain
or on the film.
So yesterday I got an M.R.I. and
they said that the grey spot would have shown up
on my brain during a cat scan.
Now I have to wait to talk to my doctor and hope to god
it's not a tumor. I'm so worried.
But even if it's not a tumor then i have to get
other blood work and testing done.
The only part about the M.R.I that was fun
was getting to take a pill that basically makes you
sedated haha. I kept falling over walking into the hospital.
And everything was cool until they gave me a shot but that was the
first shot that i didn't care about.
I think they put like dye in my brain or something.
I've been really stressed about all of this
and I don't know what to think
I still have 2 months till i can go see
the specialist.
But on a happier note...
It's been raining and yesterday was beautiful.

Mood: worried

  2005.09.04  18.28

Last night was a night of firsts.
I've never held anyones hair and shirt
while they puked before haha.

Mood: drained

  2005.09.01  13.48

[ ] I am bisexual

[ ] I am homosexual

[x] I've run away from home

[ ] I listen to political music.

[ ] I collect comic books.

[ ] I shut others out when I'm sad

[X] I open up to others easily

[x]I am keeping a secret from the world

[x] I watch the news

[x] I own over 5 rap CDs

[ ] I own an ipod

[x] I own something from Hot Topic.

[x] I love Disney movies

[ ] I am a sucker for hair/eyes

[ ] I don't kill bugs

[x] I curse regularly.

[ ] I have "x"s in my screen name.

[ ] I've slipped out a "lol" in a real conversation.

[ ] I love Spam (as the food)

[x] bake well

[ ] I would wear pajamas to school.

[ ] I own something from Abercrombie

[ ] I have a job

[x] I love Martha Stewart.

[ ] I am in love/like with someone.

[ ] I am guilty of tYpInG lIkE tHiS

[x] I am self conscious.

[x] I like to laugh.

[ ] I smoke a pack a day.

[x] I loved Go Ask Alice.

[ ] I have cough drops when I'm not sick.

[ ] I can't swallow pills.

[x] I have many scars

[x] I've been out of this country

[x] I believe in ghosts.

[x] I can't sleep if there is a spider in the room

[x] I am really ticklish.

[ ] I love chocolate.

[x] I bite my nails

[x] I am comfortable with being me.

[x] I play computer games/video games when I'm bored

[ ] Gotten lost in the city

[x] Saw a shooting star.

[x] I had a serious Surgery.

[x] Gone out in public in your pajamas

[ ] I have kissed a stranger.

[x] Hugged a stranger.

[x] been in a fist fight with the same sex.

[ ] Been arrested.

[x] Laughed and had milk/soda come out of your nose.

[x] Pushed all the buttons on an elevator

[x] Made out in an elevator.

[x] Swore at your parents.

[x] Kicked a guy where it hurts.

[ ] Been skydiving...

[ ] Been bungee jumping.

[x] Broken a bone.

[ ] Played spin the bottle.

[ ] Gotten stitches

[ ] Drank a whole gallon of milk in one hour.

[ ] Bitten someone.

[ ] Been to Niagara Falls.

[x] Gotten the chicken pox.

[x] Crashed into a car

[ ] Been to Japan

[ ] Ridden in a taxi.

[ ] Shoplifted.

[ ] Been fired.

[x] had feelings for someone who didn't have them back.

[x]Stole something from your job.

[ ] Gone on a blind date.

[ ] Had a crush on a teacher/coach...

[ ] Celebrated Mardi Gras in New Orleans.

[x] Been to Europe.

[ ] Slept with a co-worker.

[ ] Been married

[ ] Gotten divorced.

[x] Saw someone dying.

[x] Driven over 400 miles in one day.

[x] Been to Canada.

[x] Been on a plane.

[x] Seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

[ ] Thrown up in a bar.

[x] Eaten Sushi.

[ ] Been snowboarding.

[x] Been skiing.

[x] Been ice skating.

[x] Met someone in person from the internet.

[ ] Been to a motocross show.

[x] Going to or have gone to college.

[ ] Done hard drugs

[x] Taken painkillers.

[x] Cheated on someone else

pass this on with your own confessions

Mood: bored

  2005.09.01  00.44
The brothers Grimm

So Robbie and I just went to go see the 40
year old virgin and we were really excited but they
wouldn't let me see it because they were dumb and carded me.
So instead we ended up meandering to The brothers Grimm
and I didn't expect what i got.
Who ever made that movie was on alot of ACID.
Robbie and i sat through the whole movie cracking up and basically
every ten minutes saying WHAT THE FUCK?!
It's kind of like twisted perverted CRAZY fairytales(every one you heard as a child) all mixed together.
The Previews don't brace you for the movie.
that's all i have to say is wow.
But other than that I had a lot of fun and I was happy to be able to get out of my house.

Mood: devious

  2005.08.31  20.07

I hate sitting in the house every night
and I hate flaky people
which is everyone lately
and I hate the fact that.. well
I hate all this and can't deal
I feel like I smell bad from just sitting around
in my house (I know I don't)
I used to just be getting in at 1 AM
now I'm sitting in bed at that time trying
to go to sleep but not having any luck..
Does everyone know something I don't?
No but still.
Blah I think If i have to walk into one more yellow room
i will scream
too bad school starts soon and it's completely yellow inside.
and the fact that my schedule still sucks.
i have to omany classes i never signed up for.

Mood: aggravated

  2005.08.30  01.52

Fall is coming I'm so excited
the rain today
was wonderful
I had the window open and it smelled really strong of fresh
rain and then the rain made our lavender plant smell really strong
and so our whole house smelled like rain and lavender and I couldn't have been happier.

Mood: calm

  2005.08.27  17.00

So my mom has been on kind of a "lets buy things for Arika" spree.

Now i'm not complaining it's kind of nice to have things once in awhile.
The most recent addition is this dress...

No clue why.

I really want school to start but my schedule is a horrible mess. For some reason i'm in
Sophmore classes that i've already taken?
Like honors sophmore economics??
And basically just a bunch of classes I never signed up for it's frustrating especially when
I don't have a way to school to fix anything. Atleast it will all be over in January I think.
I think i'm planning on  graduating a smester early but then what do i do about year long classes like..
writting 121 (college writting)

Mood: confused

  2005.08.25  13.24

canada was fun, my back hurts


  2005.07.27  22.25

Dear you people-
Everyone on here is neither open minded or respectful towards other peoples opinion.
This is bull shit.
Learn some respect.
And furthermore.. i will no longer up date this due to...



I will no longer update this journal.


Mood: bitchy

  2005.07.26  20.37

my sun burn is shedding shedding


  2005.07.23  23.02
art on display

I had an amazing night
I was so glad to hang out with sarah
I love that gal.
Danni and I made up.
and the biggest news of allllll time... are you ready?
I got a show for one month at the sip for my art!!
i'm not sure yet if it's october or november
but when i find out you have to go look and tell me what you
I'm really excited.
I got to see gosling tonight..
Spent 40 dollars on 3 make up items
lots of hugs from brian mosher (tambourine man) and cindra

Mood: bouncy

  2005.07.23  08.09
this week has been not so great

I've had a really horrible week and I
just hope I never have to live it again
A few monstrosities of this week:
1. Not friends with kelley anymore
She stopped respecting my space and left
dishes all over my room when i told her a few
times i don't eat in there. She left her straightner on
a vanity while we were out. Not only is it some
ordinary vanity
but noooo...
it's the vanity my grandpa built for me when my mom was pregnant
he died, i never got to meet him that vanity is all i have.
and now there are two giant burn marks from the straightner on
the surface.
2. I have a huge sun burn and it itches
3. I quit my job
4. my dog had more seizures
etc. etc.
I'm too tired to complain righ tnow
basically I kicked kelley out of my house and
i'm glad I finally got some balls to do it.
Stealing from friends is never cool.
I just got back from Mac mini ville.
I had to stay with my aunt after i kicked out kelley.

Mood: tired

  2005.07.15  12.52

Kelley and I finally cleaned our room for the first time in like 2 months.
Ugh it was disgusting.
Although i'm pretty sure that i did more of the work.
But that's okay.
I've been on a search forever for non-metal earings (because i'm allergic to metttalll.)
that arent big plastic stupid looking ones.
so I was talking to jori-zan and she has these really cool
porcupine quills. we used them to fit my ears they look awesome.
and yeah. who else has porcupine quills in their ears?
Besides wild africans.

Mood: muggy

  2005.07.12  22.39

so i got two new pet rats today.
Kelley named hers gerard and mine is Paddington the III
they are cute brothers.
They live on top of my book case.
Next week i get the house to myself the WHOLE week
i'm so excited.
Lee sarah and i are going to have a 3 person party.

Mood: amused

  2005.07.10  15.49

bye bye.


  2005.07.09  00.33
the most embarassing thing.

okay so i drove to pick up my mom at her work and i was in my uniform i had just JUST gotten off work. and I was walking up to the front and i didn't see anyone around so i took my shirt and smelled it to make sure i didn't smell like gross grease or something and it accidently went up too far and you could see my stomach and the bottom of my bra and then i took like 3 steps further and there was this mexican guy behind a pole that i couldn't see
and he was like talking to me in spanish dirty things and then when i waslked out he started talking to me in spanish again and i was with my mom for crying out loud and then later he must have told his friend because they were all waving at me and stuff.
They were like 30-40 years old.

Mood: non

  2005.07.07  22.03

I just spent way too much on these things:

The brown ones

The green one not teal.. green.

and last but not least the pinkish one in front.


Mood: Broke

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